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GDPR with Digleefy

With the GDPR, there are heightened requirements for how businesses handle employee information. The right to access, modify, and delete personal data is central to the new regulations. This places strict demands not only on us as a system provider but also on you as the data controller, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Digleefy not only meets the formal requirements but also makes it much easier for your business to comply with GDPR. You can read more about it here.

How Digleefy Helps You Comply with GDPR

Data Processing Agreement

Digleefy is committed through our data processing agreement to process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and to safeguard the rights of users.

Data Portability

Data in Digleefy belongs to the customer and can be exported to .xml format for transfer to another data controller.

Role Access and Role Report

Digleefy offers role management, ensuring that only selected individuals can view, add, modify, and delete data. It is easy to control access and see who has access to what.

Transparency and Self-service

Employees have the right to access how their personal data is stored and processed. With Digleefy, employees can easily delete their own personal information.

Digital Employee Information 

Digleefy provides secure information storage that is easily accessible to each employee, their immediate manager, and HR but is protected against unauthorized access, changes, and deletions.

Deactivation and Termination of Employment

Digleefy ensures the right to be forgotten. It is easy to delete an employee's digital information and any sensitive data. It is also designed to facilitate data anonymization, for example, for use in statistics.




Norway's Leading Expertise

Digleefy possesses on of Norway's leading experts in privacy through our lawyer Sven Skinnermoen in SRS Advokatfirma AS.

Awareness and Visibility of progress 

Digleefy's platform, gives the employee the right to share data or not. The data visible for the team is aggregated and cannot be traced back to an individual. Such accessibility is crucial for ensuring compliance with rules, procedures, and guidelines in daily operations.

No Data Outside of Europe

Digleefy is a Norwegian-owned, cloud-based software as a service. We do not use servers or development capacity outside of Europe.

As an employer, you handle a significant amount of personal and sensitive information, not only about current employees but also about former employees. With the new privacy law, there are requirements for how this information is processed, where it is stored, and at least who has access.

Hence we have developed a document where we answered out all the frequently asked questions.

Jens Petter Skaug 
CEO, Digleefy

What is GDPR?

Starting from July 20, 2018, all Norwegian businesses had to comply with the new privacy regulations in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A common framework for privacy in Europe aims to strengthen the rights of European citizens, facilitate the exchange of personal information across borders, build trust in digital services, and ensure collaboration between privacy authorities.

The regulation imposes new and stricter requirements on businesses' processing of personal information.
Employers must document that personal information is processed in a secure manner and that the business has the necessary procedures in this area.

All businesses with employees in Norway will be subject to the privacy regulation.

For serious breaches of privacy, fines of up to 4% of turnover, limited to €20,000,000, can be imposed.